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Frozen Shoulder Relief

Stiffness in your upper arm or shoulder?  Frozen shoulders are common and can limit our ability to do what we love!  Repetitive motion, hormones, injury, stress, diabetes and other complications can all lead to a lack of mobility. The muscles in the shoulder are...

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WholeFrog® Culture Club

I just celebrated my four year anniversary with WholeFrog®.  In my last job, the company culture was all about academic libraries (not so exciting).  Working at WholeFrog® it tends to revolve around wellness (much more useful).  We have certain phrases and tips that...

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3 Reasons to Choose Acupressure

Acupressure is literally a hands on approach to full balance of body, mind, and spirit.  Acupressure melds Traditional Chinese Medicine with soft tissue techniques.  The application of acupressure is a systematic approach.  A session starts and ends with a discussion...

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Self Care Tool

Our New Favorite Self Care Tool The AccuMassage Trigger Point Tool is a self care must have. We have a new favorite tool at our WholeFrog clinics and it's quickly becoming a client must have.  Almost everyone has a spot they can't quite reach on their own, or that...

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Feeding Your Family (when you are on a diet)

We know how hard it is when you are trying to lose weight but your family either doesn't need to or isn't on board!  So how do you go about making a great dinner and including the kids on your journey to eat better? Here are our tips and a story we wanted to share!...

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Align Your Spine with a Thoracic Pivot

One of our favorite products used to align the spine is the Thoracic Pivot. Have you developed an ugly little hump that develops from poor posture?  Do you frequently complain of neck pain, back pain, tmj or tension headaches?  All of these issues can greatly benefit...

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7 Benefits of Passion Fruit

Curious about passion fruit?  It's delicious and packed with nutrition!! Here are 7 reasons to give it a try: Passion Fruit helps you lose weight!: There is only about 50 calories in one passion fruit, making it an ideal weight loss food if you substitute it for other...

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A Vacation for Your Feet

Do Your Feet Need a Vacation? Our feet often get neglected and many of us suffer from plantar fasciitis, bunions, foot pain from high heels, hammer toe or other issues. At WholeFrog one of our favorite tools to use during massage and at home is Yoga Toes®. This...

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Why You Should Cleanse

WholeFrog Body Cleanse is here!  Cleanse with us and feel amazing again! Why Cleanse/Detoxify?        Better Skin        Decrease Cellulite        Clean and Reset Body Systems        Heal Gut        Heal Chronic Illness        Heal Colon We love the M'lis cleanse...

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5 Ways Water Can Keep You Medication Free

Water is vital to every function of the body, and few people drink enough.  Most of us think that drinking tea, diet coke and coffee counts for our daily water, but these drinks require more water than they contain for metabolism.  Our Life Coach and Wellness Expert...

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Homemade Soft Ice Pack

Start any rehabilitation program for your body with rest, until the pain and swelling are reduced. Ice three times a day for 20 minutes with an ice pack you can make at home. Supplies Needed: 2 freezer-grade Ziplock bags any size 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Water Measuring...

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Cold and Flu Remedies

Cold and Flu RemediesHave these supplies always in your home, office, luggage and vehicle. Mouth Wash (high quality, active quaternary agent is best (Peridex, Cepacol or Listerine) low sugarEchinacea with Goldenseal unless you are allergicVitamin C (EmergenC packets...

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