I just celebrated my four year anniversary with WholeFrog®.  In my last job, the company culture was all about academic libraries (not so exciting).  Working at WholeFrog® it tends to revolve around wellness (much more useful).  We have certain phrases and tips that we pass on to clients and team members and I thought it would be fun to share my favorites!

Eat a big, hairy carrot everyday!

Those cute baby carrots we see at every party with the ranch dressing are actually treated with chlorine to reduce contamination (yuck).  They are grown to be sweeter and smaller losing many of the nutrients.  The real powerhouse is a whole carrot, with the skin unpeeled and the tiny little hairs.  Carrots were originally viewed as medicine due to their health benefits.  It’s not just a myth – they are good for your eyes. The beta carotene helps improve vision and can help reduce the risk of certain cancers.  There is also fiber, vitamins and minerals.  I like to add to my salad every night and while I am cutting them up, I walk around the house and hand out carrot sticks to my family.

Myofascial Release…hard to say but a key to pain relief

It took me three years to say (and spell) this correctly.   It also took watching a video with someone cutting into raw chicken for me to understand what fascia is.  Fascia is the soft tissue component of the connective tissue that provides support and protection for most structures within the human body, including muscle.  When we sit all day or have an injury the fascia gets stuck.  It acts like a “straightjacket” on muscles, nerves, blood vessels and bones producing symptoms of pain, headaches and restriction of motion.  We like to say “free your fascia” and we do this through therapeutic bodywork and showing clients how to sell treat with our FullRange™ program.

lymphatic massage therapy


We talk to our clients about water all the time.  Living in a warm climate, it’s definitely nothing new to hear teachers, doctors, coaches and moms all saying to drink your water.  We tell clients Drink 1/2 your body-weight in pounds in ounces of fresh water every day for life or 100 ounces daily – whichever comes first!

  • Add 4 ounces more for every 8 ounces of caffeinated beverage you drink.

  • Add more for excessive sweating, exercise, sun or heat, alcohol, sweets or processed food.

One new area for me was learning that water actually helps your joints stay lubricated which in turn can help with pain.

Lymphatic Drainage

When I first heard this term, I thought it had to do with plumbing or IV’s or something done in a hospital.  It turns out it is a type of massage that specifically works on the lymph system, taking the bad guys out and keeping the flow moving to help the body stay healthy and reduce infections.

Many local doctors send over their patients for pre or post surgery bodywork.  Lymphatic Drainage massage boosts the immune system reduces lymphedema, swelling, pain and stagnation.  Great for plastic surgery, post operative care of any kind and clients battling cancer.

lymphatic drainage massage

Balls are your friends

This must be one of Barbara Arnold Herzer’s favorite sayings!  We have a ball for just about every need.  Remember the “free your fascia” saying?  Balls can help with that.  We sell my favorite tool ever – the AccuMassager to trigger points in the neck, shoulders or hips and Yamuna balls for full body self treatment.  Tennis balls are great for your feet and provide excellent relief for plantar fasciitis.

And lastly….Life is beautiful (as the sign says in our office).  There are so many unique qualities to WholeFrog®.  Book a free consultation and experience the difference yourself.

myofascial release moorpark

Complimentary Consultation

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