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What is WholeFrog® FullRange?


We teach people how to move through life freely with FullRange of motion in every joint every day.


Our WholeFrog® FullRange sessions offer pain release, fascia release, joint health and mobility that aligns with the body’s natural design or how the body works.

Release, strengthen & stretch — there are 2 parts to the Full Range Method: manual fascia release or pain release (RELEASE) and the lifetime exercises (STRENGTHEN & STRETCH)


Learn how your body works and experience the joy of ‘getting your life back’ as we help you heal for real with simple steps and proven predictable results.  

One Body One Life Your Choice

Let’s Do This
Your life matters. Don’t live in pain. Feel good now.
Therapeutic Bodywork
WholeFrog® FullRange


Therapeutic Bodywork

PainFree For Life
Injury and Pain Relief
Transformational Wellness
WholeFrog® FullRange


Transformational Wellness

Normalize Weight and Heal Illness
Coaching and Classes
WholeFrog® FullRange


Coaching and Classes

Wellness for Purpose
Navigate Stress, Change and Success
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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Enhance your results from plastic surgery, speed recovery, reduce swelling and infection, reduce scarring and get glowing!

It's Just How the Body Works

The body is a healing machine. Align with how it works and it will heal itself. Bring us your pain, injury or dysfunction and our R.N.’s and bodywork professionals will help you achieve lasting results and teach you simple daily routines to stay healthy and feeling good for life.
Medical Knowledge with a Wellness Model
Why does it work? Our medical professionals know your body was made to work and feel good. Instead of looking for sickness, they align your muscles and habits with how the body works. The result is true lasting health. We call it Transformational Wellness. We don’t just pamper you, we transform you.
Therapeutic bodywork with master therapists certified to fix, relax and empower you.
Registered Nurses partner with you to heal ‘whole-istically.’
R.N. review and partner with MD to safely eliminate any unnecessary medications or harmful interactions.
When someone gets on your table, their life changes. You just start with their body.
-Valerie P
I’ve had hundreds of massages in my life but none compare to the ones I’ve received at WholeFrog. -Jessica G
Just had a wonderful massage by Barbara. She makes you just melt and relax. She is also a nurse so she knows what to do or press to make your pain go away.
-Alen K
This is not just a massage. They heal. Thank you WholeFrog. -Jackie S
WholeFrog offers such a relaxing and inviting atmosphere that even my husband will take time out to go and enjoy the benefits of a good massage. That’s saying something! -Heather B


Most start with bodywork and our comprehensive assessment.

Suffering is optional!

Chronic illness, joint pain or medications got you down? Whether you have digestive issues, diabetes, high blood pressure, tennis elbow, foot pain, constipation, lack of energy or just PMS, we can help. Whether young or old, your body was made to work. Let us show you how.

Take Charge Of Your Life

When you are stuck in your body, you are usually stuck somewhere else in your life. If you are ready to be healthy and want a safe space for healing and challenge, we have great coaching and instructional staff who can help you clarify and achieve your goals.


Healing Humans