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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Enhance your results from plastic surgery, speed recovery, reduce swelling and infection, reduce scarring and get glowing!  Book WholeFrog® FullRange Therapeutic Bodywork to get started.


Help Your Body Recover with Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Tummy tucks, liposuction, breast lift, augmentation or reduction.

We are plastic surgery recovery specialists with R.N., medical massage therapists on staff.

Lymphatic Drainage massage boosts your immune system reduces lymphedema, swelling, pain and stagnation.  Great for plastic surgery, post operative care of any kind and clients battling cancer.


"Always have a great, relaxing massage at WholeFrog! Best messages in Ventura County for sure!"  Jessica M. via Yelp


"I am so happy to have found a place to go for regular massage that is not a chain and is not a high end spa.  The staff are masters of the human body. They are able to identify and remedy the causes of pain and discomfort. While teaching you how to maintain a pain free existence. I left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. " Tracey Y.  via Yelp

lymphatic drainage massage plastic surgery


"Okay, where do I even start. First of all the entire process starts with a comprehensive intake form that seems a bit tedious at first to fill out but boy oh boy is it worth it! When I went in for my first massage Stormy had already reviewed my concerning areas and started the session off with tailored exercises especially for my indicated foot pain. Every. Single. Massage. Is AMAZING. The music, the mood, the cleanliness, the massage in general. I feel completely rejuvenated after every visit."  Allie M. via Yelp

5 Reasons to Plan

Lymphatic Drainage Bodywork

BEFORE and AFTER Plastic Surgery


1.  Immediate Pain and Swelling Reduction

2.  24-Hour Bruising Reduction

3. 50% Faster Recovery

4. Better Results!  Scar, Lump and Pucker Reduction. 

5.  Peace of Mind. 24/7 Access to R.N

Complimentary R.N. Consultations

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WholeFrog® FullRange Therapeutic Bodywork for pre and post op surgery (including plastic surgery), injuries and pain. Customized treatment plans.

R.N. Medical Rehabilitative Sessions for those with complicated medical needs. Detailed evaluation, medication review, customized plan and treatment included.

Is Lymphatic Drainage Massage Right For You?

Lymphatic Drainage massage specifically works on the lymph system, taking the bad germs out of our body and keeping the flow moving to help the body stay healthy and reduce infections.

Many local doctors send over their patients for pre or post-surgery bodywork.  Lymphatic Drainage massage boosts the immune system, reduces lymphedema, swelling, pain and stagnation.  Great for plastic surgery, post-operative care of any kind and clients battling cancer.

It just feels good and is part of every massage we do!  We even have a special machine called the GX that is so heavenly… . . it exfoliates your skin, gives you a healthy buzz as your lymph flow becomes brisk and feels oh so good!  Motion is lotion to the body inside and out.  Still not sure?  Book a complimentary RN consultation  805-531-9275.

Did you know if we cut away all of your defining features like your hair and skin – we could recognize you by your lymph system?  It is everywhere in your body and is small threadlike connections to little pearl like glands that keep you healthy and alive.  We don’t just rub you outside, we heal you deeply inside!  Read more tips on our blog here.

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