Pain-Proof your Plastic Surgery Experience

The fastest growing trend in post-operative surgery is Lymphatic Drainage Massage.  Many are unaware of the resources available.  They don’t know to plan ahead for after care.  Read on to find out how to enhance your plastic surgery experience!

We see clients who end up stranded.  They can’t sleep.  They suffer needlessly with out of control pain and swelling.  Stress and fear escalate. Not knowing how to deal with open wounds, scary infections and/or complications can quickly turn into a nightmare.

The plastic surgeons are great at surgery.  After-care is not their area of expertise.  Plan ahead.  Nurses, wound specialists and wellness centers with lymphatic drainage specialists can help.

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Clients need to be educated so they can heal properly with minimal pain and excellent results.







Issues to address are:

1. Pre-op visit for after-care and appointment set-up

2. Free consultations to choose your provider before surgery

3. Water intake

4. Pain medication and pain management options before during and after surgery

5. Swelling reduction

6. Speed of recovery and what to expect

7. Signs and symptoms of trouble

8. Scar reduction

9. How soon to get after-care treatment

10. 24/7 hotline access for help

11. Down and dirty recovery diet for optimal results

12. How to achieve optimal permanent results

13. Exercise

14. Activity restrictions and permissions and Prescriptions for After-care

15. Sleep

16. Compression garments

17. Length of recovery

18. Length of after-care treatments and frequency

19. Home Self-care assistance from family or hired help

20. Follow-up visits. healing and excited about the surgery they just had done.

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Benefits of Therapeutic Bodywork for Pre-Operative care

Preparing your body before surgery and having excellent holistic medical after-care make the experience fun, pampering and as pain-free as possible.   In addition, planning, pre and post-operative care is vital to great results and peace of mind.

Why wait until you are in recovery, swollen and dealing with pain?

This is how WholeFrog® Concierges your plastic surgery experience:


Pre-operative Care

1. When Results Matter: Having an operation is stressful. Imagine how much better you will feel going into surgery with relaxed muscles and knowing what to expect.  In addition, your WholeFrog® specialist can help with extra inch-loss, skin conditioning, yummy and easy to follow nutrition regimen, immune-boosting and opening your lymphatic system before surgery even happens.  This gets you a huge jump on results!

2. Stress Reduction: Put your peace of mind in the hands of experts 2-4 weeks before your surgery. Get our WholeFrog® Peace of Mind Guarantee:

    • Complimentary Consultation – Hands-on, Zoom or Phone with Comprehensive Online History and Health Assessment.

    • Medication and Pain Management review and planning.

    • HIPAA compliant upload portal to maximize communication with your surgeon if needed.

    • Detailed pre and post-op orders from your doctor and experts ahead of your surgery date so care can be coordinated and recovery concierged without stress.

    • 24/7 access to RN’s and priority treatment appointments from Pre-op Agreement to Full Recovery. First 3 post-operative appointments pre-booked to guarantee availability.  Flex-changes permitted at no cost.

3. Sleep Support: Good sleep contributes to recovery and mental well-being. Those who do not get adequate sleep have 40% more weight-gain according to studies.  You can’t sleep well if you are in pain.  Our clients report 50-80% reduction in pain and reduction in pain meds with just one visit.  Sleep well.  Suffering is optional!

4. Immune Boost: Therapeutic bodywork and lymphatic drainage boosts your immune system and helps your body fight off infection. You get our WholeFrog® Immune Boost protocol at each visit to help prevent illness that could delay in your surgery or create complications post-operatively.

5. Rehab Simply with 30 Seconds at a time Self Care support: You will love the quick and easy ways stay out of pain at home to maximize your progress.  Your post-operative instructions are in written and video format online.  You will get an email each day reminding you what to do and to call with any questions.  You can access everything from your phone anywhere in the world!  Enjoy your treatments and peace of mind without  having to remember instructions.

6. Full Body/Mind Assessment: We have a team of Registered Nurses and Licensed Professionals ready to support and care for you. No other professional will spend time with your entire body – head to toe.  We understand how to relieve pain and dysfunction quickly and can help you go into the surgery in your best health possible.  Confidential, HIPAA compliant and Safe.

enhance your plastic surgery













 Post-Operative Care:

1. We typically see clients within 1-3 days of their surgery. The sooner, the better and the less suffering!

2. With our online and visual how-to support, 30 Seconds at a time Self Care, some clients only need one visit! Typical post-op treatment package is 3 visits.  Flex options available always.

3. Your plan of care will be customized after your first treatment to your condition and plan adjusted according to your results, your level of ability to do self-care and your tolerance for treatment. We can go as gentle or as deep as needed safely based on your condition and have multiple ways to address issues that arise.  Medical knowledge with wellness model is critical.

4. Avoid excess swelling and pain with gentle and progressive lymphatic drainage and myofascial release right away. Delay can also lead to scar tissue and keloid buildup.

5. Entire body is treated not just surgical sites for best results.

6. Daily follow up calls.

We are wound specialists and monitor all incisions and complications. Avoid fluid build-up,  inflammation and trauma to the body.  Early intervention avoids complications.

Many clients come to us worried, in pain and drains sticking out! We can handle this.

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Get great results from your plastic surgery with a therapeutic bodywork plan!

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