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Healing Humans

FullRange Therapist Training

Imagine a world where every person has the knowledge to be free from pain, dysfunction, and limitations.

Empower your clients

to Live, Work and Play Pain-free

Anywhere, at Any time, and Any age.


FullRange Therapist Training
Healing Humans Therapist Training

WholeFrog® Healing Humans Therapist Training

WholeFrog® FullRange Online offers instant pain relief, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, joint health, and maximum mobility that aligns with the body’s natural design.  It is down and dirty simplicity – just how the body works.

Healing Humans Certification offers the practitioner a way to:

Assess the root cause of pain and dysfunction in minutes.  Clients trust quickly and invest quickly because they feel the assessment themselves.  When you show them the simple answers it is a no-brainer.

Simplify health for yourself and your clients.  Become a Ninja of Wellness that clients come back to time and time again for answers.

Become known for results that last.  Stop merely treating.  Transform your clients’ lives.

WholeFrog® FullRange Online Method: 3 Step Process

MOVE:  One daily 30 second move for each body area that unlocks the body.  Each move Stretches, Strengthens, makes Symmetrical, Stabilizes Joints and Self Diagnoses all in one move.  Clients keep their joints healthy for life, and don’t get old in that way!

MANUAL RELEASE:  Clients learn to manually release an area to resolve build-up more quickly for times when they don’t do the MOVES for a period, injure, or overdo it.  This is done with the body or tools like specific balls, pivots, or other body parts.

SUPPORT:  Clients have full video explanations and instructions, including print materials.  They can also jump on a ZOOM call for Q and A or do the moves and releases with a FullRange Coach.  This frees up your time.  It also is a way you as a therapist can earn remotely as a FullRange Coach with clients worldwide. 

  • Local and online internships are available
  • RN/FullRange Coaches will support you with complicated problem-solving.
Spin Massaage Thearpy
Person Using Massage machine


  1. Self-Confidence Formula and Learning Style Assessment
  2. Learn Quick PainFree Assessment to get to the root cause
  3. Learn Core Moves for each body area and why they work and are important
  4. Teach Core Moves to clients until comfortable and practice on yourself and others
  5. Learn Tool Releases in each area
  6. Learn Manual Releases in each area
  7. Sales from a place of Service to increase your profit each and serve clients deeper
  8. PainFree Package flow and how to make expert recommendations

Then we add in details, muscles, anatomy, and nerve conditions at your pace and need.

Lymphatic Drainage FullRange and Surgical Pre-op / Post-op work

Holistic Practitioner Best Practices for Transformation

10 Fundamentals for Excellent Health for Life

  • FullRange Food
  • FullRange Life

Become a Healing Human and Learn to Earn without Hands On

  Become a Healing Human – join the MOVEment!



FullRange Training Benefits


Get to the Root Cause of Pain


  • Quickly diagnose the root cause of your clients’ pain and get them on the path of healing.
  • Broaden you healing abilities

  • Learn Systematic Transformational Treatment Protocols – online and in print


Earn as you Learn


  • Gain the confidence and knowledge to increase your hourly rate and the complexity of clients you service.
  • Fun, Support, and Increased Confidence
  • Access to more clients

Train at Your Own Pace

Access 100’s of training videos with:

  • FullRange Online client version
  • Healing Humans Online Certification Training
  • Healing Humans App (once developed)


Tool box of FullRange Goodies


Your package includes all the tools you need to keep yourself and your clients healthy and strong.  This includes thoracic pivots, Yoga Toes®, balls, M’lis products and more. 

$1,000+ Value!!

Unlimited Support and Earning Potential

-Commission on all product sales

-Affiliate commission on all program referrals

-Lifetime support with client issues

-Access to private Facebook group


Personal Transformation Weekend


Participate in a weekend of self growth to gain the tools you need to be a success in all aspects of your life.

$1,500 Value with lifetime benefits!!


How it Works

FullRange Training Certification



All learning styles welcome!  Our healing humans team trains in person, online, one or one, and with real clients experiencing real issues.



Your certification includes lifetime support for any client concerns or difficulty with treating or diagnosing aches and pains.


Personal Growth

Conquer your own stumbling blocks to achieving income, personal, and health challenges.  All the tools you need to thrive in your business with the confidence to heal yourself and others.


Freedom From Limitation

Learn to heal your own body so you can continue to do the work you love.  Really embrace what you are here to do on this planet and learn to share your skills with your community.


Choose Your Journey to Join the Healing Humans MOVEment!


Therapists Best Value

$12,995    $25,000

Save $12,005 (48% off)

  • Make one payment and save 48%!!
  • Earn as you learn
  • Lifetime access to the full video library
  • Every tool you need to self-treat and learn to treat others
  • Commission on products and packages
  • Personal Transformation Weekend
  • Unlimited Support

Earn As You Learn

$17,995    $25,000

Save $7,005 (28% off) 

  • Payroll deduction
  • Earn as you learn
  • Lifetime access to the full video library
  • Every tool you need to self-treat and learn to treat others
  • Commission on products and packages
  • Personal Transformation Weekend
  • Unlimited Support

Therapist Success Stories

Stormy’s Wealth Transformation:

  • 2017 earned $27,000/year, $13/hr as a full-time child-care worker
  • 2017 November started Massage School to follow her passion and gain a professional career
  • 2018 Jumped into WholeFrog® FullRange Certification while in massage school
  • 2019 earned $25,000 year as a part-time CMT (not including private client earnings) during Covid shut down plus $4500 per month unemployment 8 months) 65.500
  • 2020 earned $38,000 part-time during 1/2 year Covid shut-down plus $4500 per month unemployment for 8 months. $36000 ($74000)
  • 2021 Doubled her income to $80,000 without unemployment as
  • 2022 on track to earn $85,000 – $100,000 with 4-5 weeks of vacation.
Stormy Scribner, C.M.T.

Stormy Scribner, C.M.T.

Stormy’s Health Transformation:

  • 2017 weighed 187 pounds with severe back pain and depression.  On high doses of Vicodin and other meds. 
  • Within 16 weeks, she lost 50 pounds, got off all medications, got pain-free, learned a new mindset, and family dynamics, and life skills, learned the power of yummy nutrition-filled foods, felt happy, and was able to cancel her surgery! 
  • She has maintained this for over 10 years and helps others.
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