Registered Nurses and Licensed Professionals

Prenatal Massage

Enjoy deep therapeutic bodywork and blissful comfort for you and your baby to be!

We will fully customize your session to relieve the discomforts experienced during pregnancy.


Expecting mothers deserve extra care and pampering.  Our team of Registered Nurses and Licensed Professionals are ready to provide some much needed relief from the stress of pregnancy.

We will provide the mama to be with:

  • A customized cushioning system that allows mom to safely lie face down without pressure on her belly or baby

  • Safety checks for swelling, blood clots and or signs of distress

  • A staff that is trained in the special needs of pre and post natal bodies making sure mama and baby are safe

  • Warm towels, yoga toes, and all the pampering she needs

Complimentary R.N. Consultations

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Benefits of Pre and Post Natal Massage

  • Increase circulation

  • Sleep better

  • Relief from back, neck and shoulder pain

  • Joint pain relief

  • Foot pain relief

  • Pampering from head to toe

  • Reduce tension, anxiety and stress

  • Customized attention to your body’s needs

  • Warm towels to ease aches and pain

  • At home instructions on how to stay pain free throughout your pregnancy

Pre or Post Natal Massage Therapy

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"Always have a great, relaxing massage at WholeFrog! Best messages in Ventura County for sure!"  Jessica M. via Yelp


"I am so happy to have found a place to go for regular massage that is not a chain and is not a high end spa.  The staff are masters of the human body. They are able to identify and remedy the causes of pain and discomfort. While teaching you how to maintain a pain free existence. I left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. " Tracey Y.  via Yelp

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"Okay, where do I even start. First of all the entire process starts with a comprehensive intake form that seems a bit tedious at first to fill out but boy oh boy is it worth it! When I went in for my first massage Stormy had already reviewed my concerning areas and started the session off with tailored exercises especially for my indicated foot pain. Every. Single. Massage. Is AMAZING. The music, the mood, the cleanliness, the massage in general. I feel completely rejuvenated after every visit."  Allie M. via Yelp

WholeFrog® FullRange Therapeutic Bodywork for pre and post op surgery (including plastic surgery), injuries and pain. Customized treatment plans.

R.N. Medical Rehabilitative Sessions for those with complicated medical needs. Detailed evaluation, medication review, customized plan and treatment included.

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