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R.N./Specialist Medical Rehabilitative PainFree Packages

Live, Work and Play PainFree Anytime, Anywhere at Any Age Guaranteed.


Therapeutic Bodywork shoulder pain

“I have been in horrific pain for over 10 years. I saw the team at WholeFrog yesterday. I was cared for like a celebrity and they were all so amazing.  The best part is that I’m in tears right now because I woke up in absolutely no pain at all!!!!!  I’m so grateful to the WholeFrog team for this amazing gift of no pain.”

Candice via Yelp

PainFree Packages offer a complete wellness solution. 

You have a unique purpose on the planet.

You can’t be or do what you love when you are in pain.  

Avoid unnecessary surgeries, recover from failed ones and fix pain and stuck fascia to keep your joints healthy.


R.N./Specialist Medical Rehabilitative Sessions

Detailed evaluation, medication review and testing with customized plan and treatment. Multiple modalities are used to address the root cause of your pain or dysfunction which may include lymphatic drainage, myofascial release, cupping, hot rock, and more.  R.N. is able to manage your case and communicate with other medical professionals on your behalf.

myofascial release

WholeFrog® FullRange Online

Your package includes lifetime access to videos and live classes. Learn 30 second moves to keep your joints healthy for life.  Get access whenever and wherever you need it.  No monthly fees, no expiration.

lymphatic drainage

WholeFrog® Support

Your therapist will be there for you every step of the way.  Weird aches and pains?  Your R.N. is just a phone call away from supporting you in PainFree living.  

Self Care For Your Best Year

 12 Visits

$4645   $5495

Save $850 (15% off)

  • 12, 90 Minute R.N/Specialist Medical Rehab Sessions 

  • WholeFrog® FullRange Online Included

  • No Monthly Fees, No Expiration Date

  • Coaching and Live Classes Included

8 Visits

$3470   $3995 

Save $525 (13% off)

  • 8, 90 Minute R.N/Specialist Medical Rehab Sessions 

  • WholeFrog® FullRange Online Included

  • No Monthly Fees, No Expiration Date

  • Coaching and Live Classes Included

4 Visits

$2220   $2495

Save $275 (11% off)

  • 4, 90 Minute R.N/Specialist Medical Rehab Sessions 

  • WholeFrog® FullRange Online Included

  • No Monthly Fees, No Expiration Date

  • Coaching and Live Classes Included

4, 120 Minute R.N / Specialist Medical Rehab Sessions

$2695   $2995

8, 120 Minute R.N /Specialist Medical Rehab Sessions

$4395   $4995

12, 120 Minute R.N / Specialist Medical Rehab Sessions

$5995   $6995

Custom Packages Available


PainFree Package Perks!


Experienced Staff

The only transformational clinic in town.  Specializing in bodywork, wellness and coaching. Our RN’s and Licensed Professionals have 100’s of five star reviews and over 100 years combined experience.


24/7 Support

Medical questions?  Weird pain that won’t go away?  We are here for you via text, zoom, in person or phone.


HealingHumans Revolution

Interact with people all over the world.  Become a part of the HealingHumans Revolution with access to private Facebook Tribe.


Personal Transformation

“When people come to WholeFrog® their whole life changes.  You just start with their body.” 

Get back to doing and being what you love with a fabulous pain free body!


WholeFrog® FullRange Online Access

Fix yourself Anywhere and Anytime at Any Age.   Your own membership site includes step by step instruction on how to take yourself out of pain in seconds.  No more fear about growing old or dysfunction and pain.


VIP Service

All appointments are customized to YOU, your schedule, your needs, your body. 

I went to several chiropractors and nothing seemed to help until I went to WholeFrog. They spent hours working on my muscles and educating me on my body and taught me amazing techniques to make sure my body was cared for on a day basis. She gave me back full movement of my body and no more pain. I am so THANKFUL for WHOLEFROG and the special services they provide. I would not be feeling amazing if it wasn’t for their techniques. I highly recommend them to anyone having any muscle or body aches. You will not be disappointed.

Vicki N., Educator

Not just a massage…it’s a transformation experience!! I am extremely impressed with the knowledgeable team and their healing hands. As a physical therapist, I know immediately when someone knows what they are doing when they work on me. I appreciate WholeFrog because they actually know how to work out the knots and restore your body’s movement!! The high standards, set them above and beyond the competition. I send all my patients who need follow up care to this place, I know they are in good “hands”!!
Pilar Hanes, Owner, Physical Therapy Clinic

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RN/Specialist Medical Rehabilitative Sessions

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All sales of products, packages, services and gift certificates are final. No returns.  Every attempt to match your needs with products and services is carefully made. Many products and books can be borrowed before purchasing to best meet your needs.  Please choose wisely.

WholeFrog® SelfCare is the new HealthCare.  

Work and Play PainFree with WholeFrog® FullRange Online.  Anyone can fix themselves Anywhere, Anytime, at Any Age - no matter what your disability or fitness level, 30 seconds at a time!

Self Treatment instruction is available worldwide.

Imagine a world where you don’t have to be wealthy to be healthy. Imagine that people everywhere are educated and empowered to live fully functional and PainFree for Life.  Conquer the fear of growing old.  Learn how 30 seconds at a time!

Therapeutic Bodywork, Lymphatic Drainage and Myofascial Release in Ventura County and surrounding areas including: Simi Valley, Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Camarillo, Westlake Village, Agoura, Agoura Hills, Oak Park, Santa Rosa Valley, Fillmore, Oxnard and all neighboring locations.