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Transforming your health isn’t easy. 

But it is simple.

Let us help you heal your body and simplify your life.

Almost all degenerative and chronic disease are caused by the buildup of toxins in the body.

Take back your health with a quick cleanse, a full body reset or a detoxifying body wrap.

Cleanse Options

diy cleanse

WholeFrog® Cleanse Kickstart Special

Cleanse • Bodywork • Support

A special package with everything you need to Rejuvenate and Take Back Your Health


diy cleanse

Total Body Cleanse

Perfect if you have no serious health issues and want something simple.  Quick solutions to do it yourself cleanse programs or to compliment your wellness program.


Complimentary R.N. / Health Coach Cleanse Consultation

Not sure about a cleanse?  Have a complicated health issue?

Review your health needs with our Registered Nurses or Health Coaches.  Get a customized plan that works for you.  Phone, Zoom or In-person appointments available.  Book Online or call 805-531-9275

WholeFrog® Cleanse Kickstart Special

Cleanse • Bodywork • Support



  • M’lis Detoxification Kit (fiber, detox and cleanse herbs)

  • 2 Detox Sipper Bottles; pre-measured out for easy hydration. Just add fresh squeezed lemon juice, Grade A maple syrup, and distilled water.

  • M’lis Slender Aid Appetite Appeaser so you are never hungry

  • M’lis Instant Meal Shake in your choice of flavors.  Delicious, 100% nutrition on the go.

  • M’lis Daily Essentials.  Convenient grab and go vitamin packs.


  • Anti-Cellulite Permanent Inch-Loss Body Wrap     

  • Our clients’ favorite reset. Lose bloat and inches while you de-stress! This warm, wonderful, treatment detoxifies and conditions from the outside in. Special cream developed by a heart doctor increases internal and external circulation for 24-36 hours!
    Massage and Inch-Loss Maintain cream included.


  • Cleanse Consultation with Registered Nurse and Personal Health Coach

  • Access to Private Facebook Group

  • Licensed professionals available anytime for questions or concerns

  • 4 individual coaching sessions included

Grab and Go Cleanse Programs

M’lis Total Body Cleanse Kit

A combination of supplement packets and essential greens stick-packs in the right dose and ready-to-use.  This kit flushes out health and beauty robbing toxins from the inside to make the most impactful changes on the outside – giving you the best results wherever you go, whenever you get there.

total body cleanse

Anti-Cellulite Permanent Inch-Loss Body Wrap 

Warm, relaxing, body wrap treatment with permanent inch-loss and inside-out detoxification.

Deeply conditions skin and helps cellulite-prone areas.  Full body massage included.


M’lis All Natural Sustainable Weight Loss Bundle

This waist-trimming cocktail mixes-in many of the necessary ingredients that may aid in safely dropping unwanted pounds faster – giving you visible, long-lasting, body-loving results.

weight loss support

“I love the mental clarity it gives, also cut down on my sugar cravings!!”


“The way the cleanse makes my stomach feel is truly amazing.  No bloat, no pain, love it!”


This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant or nursing, or trying to conceive, consult a healthcare professional. 

All sales of products, packages, services and gift certificates are final. No returns.  Every attempt to match your needs with products and services is carefully made. Many products and books can be borrowed before purchasing to best meet your needs.  Please choose wisely.

WholeFrog® SelfCare is the new HealthCare.  

Work and Play PainFree with WholeFrog® FullRange Online.  Anyone can fix themselves Anywhere, Anytime, at Any Age - no matter what your disability or fitness level, 30 seconds at a time!

Self Treatment instruction is available worldwide.

Imagine a world where you don’t have to be wealthy to be healthy. Imagine that people everywhere are educated and empowered to live fully functional and PainFree for Life.  Conquer the fear of growing old.  Learn how 30 seconds at a time!

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