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Walk in and float out with a fully customized  session designed to get your skin glowing from the inside out.


Try our Alchemist Esthetics Experience.  This 21-course offering is as luxurious as it is holistically comprehensive.


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21 Course Alchemist Magical Facial


More than a facial, this is a Full Esthetics Experience.

Relax and enjoy this truly one-of-a-kind experience.  Our licensed esthetician will reveal a better complexion as she customizes each step – combining the best products and tools, according to your needs. Unveil a luminous complexion and get your glow on! 

*Allow up to 2 hours for treatment



Skin history and comprehensive examination and evaluation.  Even though you are relaxing and enjoying the pleasant environment the alchemist is constantly evaluating your skin needs and planning a customizing a blend of experiences to treat you.


Your waxing needs will be evaluated and carried out.  If you desire full facial waxing – your visit may be split in 2 visits for the safety of your skin.  If just brow shaping and design and/or lip waxing is needed . . . the entire experience will continue.


Steam gently opens your pores and hydrates your skin.

Cleansing begins with 3 cleansing breaths bringing you into deep relaxation.  Get ready to enjoy an amazing fragrance that uplifts.  Gentle emollients are used to begin the healing process, to prepare the skin and open your pores.




Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and invigorates with Cranberry Enzyme Serum.  This is massaged into the face and then warm towels infused with aroma therapy engulf the face to relax all tissues and release the tensions of the day.

Infuse a nutrient activating mist is applied.

The Alchemist continues her Full Evaluation and Treatment Prescription now that your skin has been cleansed and exfoliated.  You will be the star under bright lights for a moment.  Your eyes are protected with a lightly cooled compress during this phase.

Person lying down with a brush applying a gold mask on her face


Microdermabrasion and/or high frequency Nano Light treatment reaches deep dermal layers to speed healing for blemishes, wrinkles, and deep regeneration.


All extraction areas are calmed and purified with Infuse anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory spritzers that brings Ph balance back to neutral to get skin ready for nurture and treatment.  This is like cleansing the palette during an amazing multi-course meal.

Immerse, a repair serum to calm extractions, is then applied and paired with a specific massage technique that helps skin repair, plumps cheeks, increases collagen, calms the skin and decreases bloating around eyes. 



Client is then treated to a lymphatic drainage massage for the entire head and face, gently flushing toxins from the nose and sinus areas as well.  A delicious lymphatic drainage massage of décolleté, shoulders, neck follows.


You are again wrapped in warm towels steamed with essential oil aroma therapy to relax after extractions.  This time you are treated to an amazing cranial massage to release any tension left in your body.

While enjoying the heat, the alchemist custom mixes 2 layers of magical masques she has chosen for your skincare needs.

The first layer of masque is made of active ingredient nutrient powders for what your skin needs right now. 

The second layer of masque blends DNA repair vitamin rich serums that ignite the magic, again customized for you and only you.  No 2 mixings are the same.

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Here is a menu of possible flavors used in your Esthetics Experience:

Tropical Mango for hyper-pigmented, sagging, sun-damaged skin with collagen boost

Hydra-Lift plumps, firms and tightens with collagen boost

Charcoal for detoxifying blemishes and acne issues and clogged pores

Cucumber for extra-sensitive skin and rosacea that needs cooling and calming

Herbal Chamomile for amazing aroma, calming, redness reduction and soothing

Chocolate Antioxidant rich to feed and nourish the skin while blissing out

Up to 3 different masques may be applied for this second layer to treat different specific areas of the face and décolleté


LED light dome treatment uses red light for anti-aging at any age, to repair hyper-pigmented skin and uses special blue lights to aide in acne repair and to create the results clients love!

Facial infusion treatment may be used drive the masque serums deeper into the dermis and create a lasting glow.

Final warm aroma therapy towels are wrapped to loosen the masque.  Once the warmth is removed, fingers are used for one last mini massage to let the alchemy meld into the deep layers of your skin.



Its time to Glow Now and Protect your skin as you go into your day.   Your leaving routine begins with Infuse a nutrient activating mist before customized serums are applied.

Stem Factor is used as the base layer.  This is the most clinically proven and technology advanced growth factor serum.  It utilizes patented methods and seeds stem cells and fibroblasts to replenish the skin’s shortage of growth factor and proteins.  It encourages the skins repair process and stimulating new cell development for youthful skin.

Your Glow Now and Protect second layer menu may include:

  • Correct. An anti-aging preventative retinol serum.

  • Clarify. Treats blemishes and acne.

  • Renew. A spot treatment for those with active acne applied directly on aggravated spots.

  • Rescue. Heals compromised skin with this an epidural repair serum used to neutralized toxins, calm inflammation and activate epidermal wound and DNA repair to dramatically improve skin texture and age spots.

  • Calm. A gentle retinaldehyde Vitamin A serum designed to rejuvenate deep into the skin with liposomal retinaldehyde that is also known to calm and benefit sensitive skin instead of using the typical Retin A products that break down and damage the skin.


Enjoy a cooling, de-stressing mist that helps lock in moisture and plumps the skin. Le Mieux Ionized Oxygen Infuser dispenses oxygenated skincare nutrients in an ultra-fine mist that instantly hydrates, nourishes, and brightens skin.

• Saturates skin in oxygenated skincare mist
• Instantly hydrates and creates a dewy glow
• Cools, refreshes, and rejuvenates face AND body
• Helps ward off effects of environmental stressors


oxygen facial


For final touches . . . Illuminate, a magical eye serum that is great also for lips and side wrinkles is applied.  Then a protective moisturizer with sunscreen SPF 30 with Zinc for daytime called Quench is added or a thicker Hydrate moisturizer if you are headed home for evening.

Nourish or a special Avocado Oil base may be added if leaving during evening hours or if your palette enjoys added glow during your day, ends this exquisite experience . . . just for now.

You can now float out.

Alchemist Facial Experience

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Therapeutic Skin Care Options

Restore Healthy Skin, Brighten and Clarify, Increase Radiance,

Boost Suppleness and achieve a Healthy, Happy and Glowing Complexion!


90 Minute Therapeutic Skin Care $195 >> Book here

Customized Skin Treatments: facials, waxing, brow sculpting, peels, consultations and more.


60 Minute Quench Hydration Facial $145 >> Book here

Customized Skin Treatment to restore your healthy glow


Gentleman’s Glow Facial


State-of-the-art products and techniques are used to cleanse away dull layers of skin while stimulating overall skin health. Repair the damage caused by daily shaving, skin sensitivity, dullness, aging, and the sun.  We love giving the guys facials!

The experience ends with skincare advice on how to maintain a healthy glow.

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Silvia Benun, Oncology Trained, Anti-Aging and Acne/Rosacea Specialist and Licensed Esthetician

Silvia is a specialist in advance skin care treatments and clinical facials with certification in oncology friendly facials and LED light therapy.

Experience a renewed glow and know you are in the best of hands.

Walk In and Float Out . . . with healthy, glowing skin!

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