How are your feet?

There is nothing that can hold you back more than the pain caused from bunions, plantar fasciitis and other annoying foot problems.  At our wellness clinics, we treat the feet extra special during our therapeutic bodywork sessions.  Clients swoon over our warm towels and the way Yoga Toes® feel on their feet.

foot massageYoga Toes® are one of our favorite tools to correct a variety of foot issues and release stuck fascia while you rest!

They are used therapeutically to align your bones, relieve bunions, avoid cross-over-toes and fix plantar fasciitis.

Did you know that your toes should line up with the metatarsal bones inside the foot?  This is the key to having pain-free FullRange happy feet for life.  Yoga Toes® makes that correction and alignment possible.

yoga toes

Yoga Toes® are great for when you are resting in bed, reading or watching Netflix.  Enjoy them when traveling to open energetic and muscle lines in your feet and legs and avoid blood clots.

Use when traveling in a car as a passenger for extended periods.  We always pack Yoga Toes® when on the go.  Consider having multiple pairs if you own several homes or for use at the office.  Using Yoga Toes® daily is like brushing your teeth!  Make them one of your healthy habits for life.

Yoga Toes® release the tight energy all the way up the leg.  Get instant relief from restless leg and restless foot syndrome!

When clients order themselves, they often end up with the wrong size or cheap knock-off.  This causes problems.  So book an online consultation or better yet, come in for a visit at one of our Ventura County wellness clinics.  It takes just a few minutes to find the best size for your feet.

Get properly fit.  We stock Yoga Toes®, so no wait to feel great! We honor online prices, so you don’t have to worry about getting the best deal.

Shop Yoga Toes on Amazon

Shop Yoga Toes

The important thing is to get the right fit for your feet. You’ll have these for a lifetime!

Often, we recommend a bigger size based on your anatomy and toe configuration than if you order based on your shoe size.

You may need to wear Yoga Toes® for a short period of time at first and stop when you have discomfort.  The next day it should get easier and easier to wear for longer.  This means your Yoga Toes® are working!

To care for Yoga Toes®: wash with warm soapy water and just air dry.  If you are sharing them with someone else, spray them with rubbing alcohol or wipe with Clorox or Lysol wipes after air drying before you share them.

“My feet have been in agony for years and I’ve tried everything. I’m noticing definite improvement since I began using yoga toes! Thank you Yoga Toes for making this product which is finally helping my foot pain” Ashley W.

Shop Yoga Toes on Amazon

Shop Yoga Toes

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