Feeling Bloated?   What is bloat anyway?

Let’s talk about holiday bloat…or weekend bloat or it was my birthday and I made some bad choices bloat :).  It happens to the best of us.

What do you mean by bloat anyway?  Constipation?  Gas? Over-eating?  Hormonal?  Fluid retention? or . . .anything that makes our pants not close comfortably when in public.

Whatever it is for you  . . . these simple steps will get you back on track and feeling great.


1) Water . . . with feel good lemon!

Water is hands down the best solution to bloat.

Add a slice of lemon squeezed in with the peel on and you are on your way to reducing your bloat.  Did you know lemon is a mild diuretic that pulls off extra fluid.

The lemon does double duty cleansing your colon reducing gut bloat and gas.

Water will flush your system and get your digestive track moving.  Drink 24-36 ounces every morning before eating!  Keep drinking up to 100 ounces per day or 1/2 your body weight in pounds in ounces.

If you are a caffeinated beverage drinker . . . add 4 ounces for every 8 ounces of caffeine you drink.  Then add more for sweat, sweets, spirits, snacks and sun!

Say bye-bye to pain and brain fog too!


2) Start Moving

Movement keeps your bloated body happy.  Go for a quick walk and stretch!  Swim and open up!  Yoga, even cleaning the house will help.  Breathe fresh air . . . open a window!  Put on some music and dance.

3) Myofascial Release

Block out some “me time” for bodywork, massage and belly work!  Just one session of therapeutic massage at your local WholeFrog® Clinic will do wonders.   Come on your lunch hour for 30-60 minutes and walk away refreshed!  Includes hot rocks, endermo-therapy and lymphatic drainage

Fascia is everywhere in the body.  When we sit it acts like a straight-jacket on muscles, nerves, and circulation producing pain and inflammation, headaches and swelling.

Free your Fascia with therapeutic bodyworkThen keep yourself FasciaFree 30 seconds at a time with WholeFrog® FullRange Body Online Training

stomach massage

4) Anti-Cellulite Permanent Inch-Loss Body Wrap

Our clients’ favorite reset.  Lose bloat and inches while you de-stress!  This warm, wonderful, treatment detoxifies and conditions from the outside in.  Developed by a heart doctor . . . the cream used increases internal and external circulation for 24-36 hours!

bloat help

It’s A Wrap

Not sure what treatment to choose?  Need more help?

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