Hello, wellness warriors! If your hands are waving the white flag due to persistent pain, stiffness, carpal tunnel discomfort, or old injuries/surgeries, WholeFrog® has the perfect prescription for you.  Massage therapy is a great path toward happy, pain-free hands.

massage therapy for hand pain

Picture this: a blend of expertly crafted massage techniques, including the transformative power of lymphatic drainage and myofascial release, working together to provide a haven of relief for your hardworking hands.

We see many clients who are recovering from an accident, broken finger, or wrist and need help restoring their limited range of motion.  We do this in a gentle, Pain-free way!  Most people don’t think of massage therapy for hand pain, but it is a medication-free way to get relief and feel good now!

At WholeFrog®, our seasoned therapists have mastered the art of lymphatic drainage, a technique designed to reduce swelling by encouraging the natural flow of lymphatic fluids. This gentle yet effective approach helps alleviate inflammation and supports the body’s natural healing processes, making it a game-changer for those battling hand pain. Pair that with the precision of myofascial release, a method targeting the fascia – the connective tissue surrounding muscles – to release tension and enhance flexibility, and you’ve got a winning combination for hand rejuvenation.

lymphatic drainage for hand pain

Beyond mere symptom relief, WholeFrog’s massage therapy, with its focus on lymphatic drainage and myofascial release, addresses the underlying issues contributing to hand discomfort. By enhancing circulation, promoting optimal fluid balance, and unlocking tension in the myofascial network, these techniques provide a holistic solution for your hands’ well-being. Trust WholeFrog® to guide you on a journey towards pain-free, revitalized hands – because every finger deserves a little love and care!

Ready to get happy hands?  Our healers are ready to help you with your specific finger and hand pain with a customized treatment.

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WholeFrog® Online has a team of RN’s, professional medical massage therapists, fitness professionals, PT’s, and coaches who all share the same goal, YOUR optimum health and wellness.

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