M’lis Meal Replacement

Overwhelmed by all the “healthy” shakes on the market?  We found the best one!!
Our go to / on the go meal is the M’lis Instant Meal Shake.
Tastes amazing and nourishes our bodies with optimal daily support, using only clean all-natural ingredients. M’lis Meal Replacement includes protein, all the vitamins and minerals you need in your day as well as essential fats!  Easy to take when you travel by just adding water.
Do you ever say….
  • I don’t have time to eat.
  • I am diabetic.
  • I hate swallowing pills or taking my vitamins.
  • My hair is falling out. I am lacking energy.
  • I don’t eat well.
  • I feel weak.
  • I’m traveling.
  • My family member or I am taking Ensure or Boost as a supplemental drink.
Meal Replacement
When traveling, take it in a Ziploc bag or use the individual packets and a shaker bottle.  So easy to use if you get caught in an area without good food or are super tired when traveling or have to skip a meal due to time change or meeting schedule or just want more me time instead of finding food . . . this is a complete meal replacement.
Don’t get stuck eating junk or nothing at all.
For the elderly on Boost or Ensure, which are pure sugar . . . this is a game changer.  Watch your energy elevate when you switch.  Hair stops thinning and falling out.  Nails grow strong.   This is a much better alternative for them.

Available in 5 great flavors…shop them all below!

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