So you’ve just booked your plastic surgery or you are in recovery and feel like a mess…what’s your next step?

Here are the best steps for Plastic Surgery Recovery:

At WholeFrog® we see 100’s of clients each year recovering from liposuction, bbl, tummy tucks, breast enhancement, reduction and removal, and more.  Our team of RNs and licensed professionals use a variety of tools and techniques to decrease recovery time and improve results, by reducing post-surgical swelling and fibrosis (scar tissue formation).  Here are our plastic surgery recovery tips:

plastic surgery recovery

One of our favorite tools to use is our GK Machine.  When you’re fresh out of surgery, just barely recovered, you really don’t want deep work, or someone to touch you for that matter!

But what you need is the inflammation off, and  pain relief. We use soft towels and sheets on the skin and hold the GK machine so it just barely touches the skin. So nothing hurts, but it gets your lymphatic system kicked into high gear. All the fluid starts coming out of your body so that your pain relief starts immediately.

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So don’t be afraid to come in and get work done on that first day. After the first days, we’ll use the GK in a very gentle way and to your tolerance with special creams that take away bruising and that also move fluid away and have inch-loss properties. The cream, combined with the machine – enhances the results of your plastic surgery.  You will not feel any pain from this treatment.  But, we will shift the fascia (stuck tissue) and start to work with the scar tissue to release it at a very deep level.

The GK also has an exfoliation head. It’s again very gentle, but it exfoliates the dead cells that sluff off, especially after surgery when you’ve had all sorts of things, Betadine and different things all over your body, it exfoliates your skin and it enhances the inch loss cream that we use with you to really penetrate and go system-wide.

So for 24 to 36 hours, after every treatment, you’ve got fluid coming off, you’ve got swelling going down and you have a pain free component and recovery from your plastic surgery.

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage also boosts your immune system and reduces lymphedema, swelling, pain, and stagnation.  Great for plastic surgery, post-operative care of any kind, and clients battling cancer.

5 Reasons to Book Lymphatic Drainage Bodywork

🙌 Immediate Pain and Swelling Reduction

🙌 24-Hour Bruising Reduction

🏃‍♀️50% Faster Recovery

🧘Better Results!  Scar, Lump, and Pucker Reduction. 

👩‍⚕️Peace of Mind. 24/7 Access to R.N

WholeFrog® Online has a team of R.N’s, professional medical massage therapists, fitness professionals, PTs, and coaches who all share the same goal, your optimum health, and wellness.

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