Ready to Free Your Fascia?

Your butt is not designed to be a load-bearing surface.


Prolonged pressure on your backside causes myofascial adhesions.

Fascia causes pain!  Up to 2000 pounds per square inch of pressure and pain.  That is a baby elephant pulling on your blood vessels, tissues, muscles and nerves.


Restriction and inflamation on your blood vessels, tissue, muscles and nerves is no picnic.


My friend Mary had a pretty active life prior to COVID.

Lately she has been complaining about odd pains in her shoulder and knees.  Before the pandemic she walked from her car to the office, from one building to the next, up and down stairs and to meetings.  Even going to lunch meant walking to the cafeteria which is way more steps than to the kitchen.  After work she would go to her community pool or the gym.  She is still working out, but it just isn’t the same!

She eats healthy and is walking and doing Zoom classes so why is she in pain?  It’s because of the increase in sitting.


work from home pain

Fascia, which is the sticky substance between muscles can get bunched up when our bodies experience stress, whether it’s dehydration, injury, inflammation, repetitive activity—you name it.


A WholeFrog® FullRange session can fix anything muscular including frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, back pain, neck pain, migraines and more.

Suffering is optional. Feel Good Now

westlake myofascial release

During a treatment, your therapist will locate the myofascial areas that feel stiff and fixed instead of elastic and movable.  A gentle, sustained pressure is applied to points of restriction (those bunched up spots), allowing the connective tissue to release.  The tissue is then restored to its optimal length which decreases pain, and improves overall function.  We will teach you quick 30 seconds moves so you can stay pain free for life!


Not sure if a Myofasical Release session is right for your body?

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