Eat A Big Hairy Carrot™ Everyday!

Did you know carrots were originally viewed as medicine?

  • The beta carotene in carrots can help reduce the risk of certain cancers and improve your vision.

  • Carrots also have vitamins, minerals and carotenoids which are substances with powerful antioxidant activity.  Big words that mean they improve immune function!

  • There are also 2 grams of great fiber in a medium carrot and even more in a BIG Hairy Carrot.™

Eat A Big Hairy Carrot™ Everyday!

DO NOT BUY manufactured, nutrition stripped, skin stripped, plastic packed, preservative soaked. uniform sized, non-hairy baby carrots in snack packs or party packs.  Yuck!  No nutrition.  No immune boost.

Join the  Big Hairy Carrot™  movement today!

  1. Spread the word.

  2. Keep the skin.

  3. Where all the nutrition is in.

  4. Don’t even wash them too hard.

  5. A little dirt won’t hurt!

  6. Look for the hairs!

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