Women are too delicate to exercise.

At least that’s what they said in 1957.

Bonnie Prudden changed that nonsense. She was an expert rock climber and authored 16 books on physical fitness. Her report to Eisenhower on the unfitness of American children as compared with their European counterparts led to the formation of the President’s Council on Youth Fitness.

Bonnie Prudden rock climbing

I heard about Bonnie from a nursing friend that I’ll be eternally grateful for.  She gave me Bonnie Prudden’s book called Pain Eraser, The Bonnie Prudden Method.  And for some reason, I read it. I looked to the back section because my back was in screaming pain. I could barely get out of the car. I was in pain during every nursing shift and couldn’t sleep at night.  It was hard to get through my day with kids and everything that I had to do, especially when I was a single parent.

I dove into the information and turned to the section of the book that had the Kraus Weber test.  This test uses simple exercises to see where you might have weaknesses.

What struck me as an engineer was she could pinpoint exactly what muscle was out and needed strengthening based on the symptoms and how I did each step of that test. It was really amazing.

 I owe her and her book my Life and the ability to move.

Since reading the book we have developed our own way of testing clients to quickly understand the root cause of their pain.  We call it the PainFree quiz and you can take it here.  This enables us to quickly diagnose and treat.  We have Bonnie to thank for the healing and inspiration.

PainFree Quiz

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