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Transforming your health isn’t easy. But it is simple. Let us help you heal your body and simplify your life.

Almost all degenerative and chronic diseases are caused by the buildup of toxins in the body. Take back your health with a quick cleanse, a full-body reset, or a detoxifying body wrap.

Our Top Choice for a great cleanse product:

We highly recommend M’lis Cleanse when your health has gone awry or you have Candida, or just want to specifically work on hormone balance or weight loss or general wellness to feel better.

This cleanse has been effective at getting people out of chronic illness for the 30 years that we’ve been working with it. It was created by Linda Nelson.  She came from a medical family and was hospitalized many times.  They always used antibiotics and prescription medications to help her, but she was getting more and more ill and really needed a solution. When she discovered how to cleanse and it changed her world and she became healthy for the first time. So she started the M’lis Company.

M’lis has high standards and those standards change people’s health.

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I was diagnosed with lupus and renal disease and a whole bunch of other scary things along with heart disease in my 30s.  I used the M’lis Cleanse and was able to go without any medications and be symptom-free and medication-free from all of those autoimmune issues, as well as gut issues that I didn’t even know I had. Now that I’m 60, I’m just so grateful for these products and how I have an active, vibrant life. Instead of going down the path that the doctors had told me I would be in pain the rest of my life and not have a very healthy life at all.


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What’s in the M’lis Cleanse?

It’s Fiber first.

This is gluten-free fiber, and you’ll be taking these in capsule form for the days of your actual cleanse.

The other bottle that’s in your kit will be Cleanse herbs.  They are natural herbal ingredients that begin to work with the bowel muscle itself to get your bowel very healthy. So it’s not just dumping your colon as most cleanses do, and cramping and all that stuff. It’s actually working with the muscle of the colon, getting your colon healthy and reactive. And you can tell it’s a visual you can tell by the size of your bowel movement as that’s happening.

Last is Detox herbs. This is my favorite of the kit because every single day you increase the detox herbs so you take off more and more and more, depending on how long you do.

The duration of a typical cleanse is three days during the cleanse part. I recommend at least five days and you can go as long as 10 days if you have a chronic illness or you feel like you need a longer to cleanse. The rule is don’t go into any weakness, so every day you’ll be doing minimal 30 minutes of exercise. I always suggest you do a push-up when you’re brushing your teeth every morning, and if you ever feel weak, it’s time to stop your cleanse and work your way back into your food. The reason I loved the detox herbs so much is that every day you get more and more mentally clear. Every day you get more and more energy, you get more toxic load out of your body. And it’s just my favorite feeling in the world.

When you are cleansing, we have to support herbs that help. One is called slender aid. For those of you who are afraid of being hungry during a cleanse, this takes the edge off. It keeps your blood sugars even, and it makes it so you’re not hungry and it’s not a stimulant.

We believe in only good things for the body, so we’ll never give you a stimulant.  We also suggest Cell-U-Rid for people working with cellulite or if they have buildup in the skin, in the or lymphatic buildup.

In addition to just being a cleanse, the individual ingredients from each one of these are so inspiring to read how M’lis put it together, what each ingredient does for the body. I remember reading that and just wanting to do it just because of the ingredients involved and the effect they have on the body.

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