You might not think too much about magnesium but it’s one of the minerals that are crucial to our diet.

As the National Institutes of Health (NIH) points out, magnesium has a hand in 300 enzymatic processes in the body!  It is also a critical component of bone. It may help prevent or manage diabetes, osteoporosismigraines, and heart disease, according to a review of research published in March 2018 in the International Journal of EndocrinologySolaray Magnesium

Our favorite brand for magnesium is Soloray™. The reason we love this brand is that it is pre-digested.  A fancy word for that is chelated, which means it absorbs right away and they do not have any garbage in their product at all.

Most Americans are deficient in magnesium. It is a heart-healthy nutrient so our heart needs that. We never want to be deficient. Food-wise, how you get magnesium is dark green, leafy vegetables (not lettuce).  Kale, Swiss chard, and collard greens are great choices.  Spinach counts as well and raw nuts and seeds which also have high phytonutrients.

Many Americans do not eat enough of those, so we tend to be deficient in them.  Another reason we use it, other than the heart-healthy part, is to avoid constipation, which we consider to be a health issue.

You should be going two to three times a day. Food in, food out. Cycling within twenty-four hours after you eat, your breakfast should be eliminated completely out of your body after its nutrients have been absorbed and many people have a sluggish colon.

This creates issues of toxic buildup in the body. People get constipated if they do not have the right food, if they have a sluggish colon, if they have a curved spine where the nerves do not innovate the colon just right, or if they are very overweight.

Often all the organs are kind of jammed up in there around a bunch of fat, so that makes it difficult. In addition to that, if you have had surgery, most often you are given narcotics and drugs that constipate pretty severely and often with a lot of pain and a lot of gas. I always tell my clients to take their magnesium Soloray™ with them to the hospital and make sure that they can use that as a remedy instead of the Colace and the other remedies that they throw at you, which often have side effects.

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We talk to our doctors ahead of time and make sure that is an okay thing to do and that everything goes more smoothly. With that in mind, the last feature that I love about using this is that you get the nutrients, plus you can tell exactly how much you need by the way your bowels react.

If you are constipated, you take two in the morning.  If you still have not gone, which is very unusual (usually you go right away) then you can take two at night.  You can take two or three, your choice depending on how you feel, how constipated you are, how long it has been since you have gone to the restroom.

Drink plenty of water. You want to drink half your body weight in pounds in ounces of water at the same time. Give your body enough water to actually go to the bathroom, keep moving, walking, which helps the bowels as well.

If you still have not gone, you can continue that. I have never seen it go past a day ever. Usually, it is pretty immediate within hours and you do not cramp or have issues.

It is amazing to clean out in a good way. The great part is, once that happens, then if you see your stools getting a little soft then you just reduce the amount. That is why I like to use the two hundred mg so you can alter the amount very easily. If you are ever super loose, do not take more magnesium. You have got enough. Your body is telling you I have all the nutrients I need.

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Check out our favorite magnesium recipe >> this nutrient-dense magical broth.

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