Happy Birthday!

Massage is a great way to celebrate your birthday!  Show your body some love, take some time for self care, relax and enjoy!

Last week a neighbor of mine posted on the app “Next Door” asking for recommendations for a birthday massage.

One person suggested the local Foot Massage place and then about 7 people piped in with comments including…

  • I still have PTSD from my experience there

  • It smells like a pack of cigarettes

  • It is NOT worth the $20 savings

  • The men were rude

  • They lifted my shirt and undid my bra in front of a room full of people

  • They hurt my shoulder

  • Their fingers smelled weird

  • And on and on….

Here’s how we will delight you at WholeFrog® on your birthday:

🌟You will get a personal call from our cheerful staff

🌟Choose from a team of certified massage therapists and RN’s

🌟Select a customized treatment based on the needs of your body

🌟Your private room will include soft music, warm towels, hot rocks, candles and essential oils of your choice.

🌟Best of all you get 50% off any service for any length of time!  Because it’s your birthday and we think you are special!

If you are celebrating a birthday or just buying a gift for a friend, let us delight you with the Cities Best Massage Therapy!

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