Breathe easy.

Stressors don’t weaken our immune systems.  Our response to stressors is what counts.

Stress Tip # 1

Deep Breathe in fresh air and sunshine (or rain!) 3 times a day.  Take a deep breath and hold for a self-check on your lungs.  If no pain . . . you are good!  Read More

How to Deep Breathe

  1. Twist your shoulders out and back.

  2. Look up and reach your heart space up to the sky.

  3. Squeeze your shoulders back and down.

  4. Now breathe from the belly with belly going out as you breathe in

  5. Then let your rib muscles expand left and right front and back.

  6. Then and only then inflate your lungs fully like big balloons.

  7. Hold your breath at the top.

  8. Suck more air in until your neck muscles move.

  9. Then let it all out with a big sigh of relief!

  10. Follow these belly breaths in and out consciously and slowly for at least 3 breaths until you are calm.  Go within.  Notice that at this moment, you have everything you need.  Be deeply grateful for every breath and notice that you are being breathed.

Now that is deep breathing!  When you belly breath it signals your nervous system that all is well and the stress chemicals in the body subside.

Feel better?  Need help?

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