Are you or someone you know involved in one-sided sports, such as pitching, golfing, or tennis, that place high impact on joints?

Have you ever considered the toll one-sided sports can take on your body?

Meet one of our clients, a dedicated athlete who plays multiple sports. When she first came to us, she was on the verge of quitting due to excruciating pain. Despite seeing several doctors, none noticed her significant leg length discrepancy. But we did!

We taught her how to balance her muscles and joints, and she has remained pain-free for over a year. However, she recently faced a setback after an intense pitching session.

With some targeted exercises and massage therapy, she managed to reduce her pain from an 8 to a 4 in no time and eventually got back to feeling great.

The key to her recovery was a mix of specific strength training and massage techniques.

At our new training center, she performed carefully selected 30-second exercises with weights to fix her imbalances. Afterward, we moved to the massage room, where we showed her powerful techniques she could do in bed before getting up. This combination of self-treatment and professional massage therapy helped her eliminate pain immediately.

By releasing fascia buildup and ensuring her spine and joints were correctly aligned, we prevented further damage and got her back to her favorite sports.

So, if you or someone you know participates in one-sided sports like pitching, batting, golfing, or tennis, and experiences recurring pain, consider getting evaluated. You might also have unnoticed imbalances causing those issues. We can quickly identify the root cause through our pain-free evaluation. Our approach not only treats the immediate pain but also empowers you with self-treatment techniques to manage your body better.

Whether it’s through online programs, Zoom sessions, or in-person visits, we’re here to ensure you stay pain-free and active in your favorite sports for life!ventura county best massage

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