Make It A Reality

We educate low and no income individuals and families to achieve self-sufficient interdependence through innovative programs founded on the principles of personal responsibility and universal law. Our unique approach blends trained mentorship with programs that enable individuals to transform themselves from impoverished circumstances to financial and personal success.  Participants learn that success comes by giving back to their community and believing in their unique worth to the community.  In addition to volunteer work, they pay back funds that are loaned to them, excited that they are paving the way for others to succeed as well.

Our goal is to create self-sufficient, safe and inspired inner-city and affluent communities by 2060 nationwide.  We intend to do this by training mentors, bringing financial resources and an Olympic-style system that inspires true collaboration among existing community-based organizations.

We attract media publicity and celebrity endorsements in order to exponentially enhance corporate, government, and individual support. It is only through such a city-by-city, Olympic-style effort inspiring both affluent and impoverished areas of our nation that this monumental goal will ever be accomplished.

Step Up to Make It A Reality is truly a ‘step up’ — not a hand out. Through focused, thorough mentorship and evaluation, we enable individuals to create immediate and tangible results toward change by expediting resources directly to the point of need. We require a commitment toward re-payment and co-develop a plan of action tailored to each individual’s needs, means and goals.

Our innovative programs holistically address five key areas:

  • Personal Growth and Mentorship

  • Financial Skills and Principles of Financial Freedom

  • Health

  • Education-Employment-Entrepreneurship

  • Housing

Through these programs and mentorship, we enable individuals to create the most efficient path to gainful employment and to learn habits of successful living so that they can eventually leave government aide.  Health programs help clients achieve health and normalized weight, attain the education and knowledge needed to accomplish their desired goals, and access proper housing.

Trust, Faith, Vision, and Unity Conquers All Walls

Individual transformation, regardless of race, religion or culture, is what makes the above statement true.  As our pilot program has shown, as this transformation occurs, it catches on like wildfire and spreads exponentially as a grassroots movement.

We have the tools. We have the knowledge. We have the resources. The only question remaining is:

Do we, as a nation, have the will?

We believe that with strong leadership and organized resources, the people of this nation will rise, willingly and overwhelmingly to the occasion with a resounding YES WE DO HAVE THE WILL! AND, YES, WE CAN!