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Everyday clients are choosing to have a FullRange Body and Pain-Free Life.

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Your life matters. Don’t live in pain. Feel good now.


WholeFrog® FullRange Online

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We give people quick and simple tools
to be PainFree, SymptomFree, and
MedicationFree anytime and anywhere 


  • Fix pain 30 seconds at a time

  • Keeps joint and muscles pain-free

  • Avoid surgeries

  • Increase energy and performance

  • Age strong

  • Simple, short videos

  • Step by step instruction on how to take yourself out of pain in seconds.

  • Medical Questions? We are here for you via zoom, phone, text and in your private Facebook Group

WholeFrog® FullRange Online

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“WholeFrog truly has been a God send for me. It keeps my body functioning better and learning the full range exercises helps me maintain my body issues and pains in between my visits! If you haven’t been to Whole Frog yet please try it. You won’t believe the level of care. It’s like no other.  Thank you, Barbara and your entire team.” — Sarah K.


“Great videos! Thank you! I can feel it beginning to help strengthen things! So needed with me!” — Kathy I.

“I’m doing stretches right now in preparation for my Beach Body workout(s), and cannot believe how much more flexible I am than usual.  It’s startling!   THANK YOU!!!” — Michael J.